Signup to use the PaCT

You can fill out the details in the form at the bottom of this page to signup to use the PaCT and nominate a PaCT Leader and PaCT Administrator for your school. 

This agreement:

  1. Confirms that you are applying to implement the PaCT in your school;
  2. That you agree to the use of PaCT data as described in the 'Use of data' clauses detailed below.

A note about privacy

Your school has obligations in relation to the Privacy Act and it would be timely to review your school’s policy with regard to data ahead of using the PaCT.

Use of data clauses (please read): 

  • If you use PaCT data for your NAG2A reporting in relation to National Standards the Ministry will use this information as part of the annual release of Public Achievement Information (PAI).
  • You acknowledge that data from the PaCT may be used by researchers for academic papers. All identifying information about the school and students will be removed from data used for research purposes, to ensure complete anonymity for schools. At no time will a school, teacher or student be identifiable.

Enter details of your school and your PaCT Leader and Administrator