Frequently asked questions for Teachers

I have an Education Sector Logon for e-asTTle, does that give me access to the PaCT?

No. Your Principal still needs to apply for your Education Sector Logon to have access rights to the PaCT.

Will my Education Sector Logon and password be the same as my Logon and password for e-asTTle?

If you have used your e-asTTle account in the past year, your Logon and password will be the same. If you haven’t used your account in the past 12 months, or your account has been locked because you forgot your password and made three unsuccessful attempts, the Education Service Desk will send you a temporary password. NB. You can contact the Education Service Desk and request a password reset by calling 0800 422 599

If I have an Education Sector Logon, why do I have to wait for an invitation from my PaCT Administrator before using the PaCT?

The invitation from your PaCT Administrator connects your Education Sector Logon with the PaCT application and the school’s Student Management System (SMS). That needs to happen behind the scenes for you to login to the PaCT (external link) successfully.