Monitoring progress

You can use the PaCT to track the progress of students throughout the year or year on year.

For example, you can make out-of-cycle judgments in the PaCT at the end of a term to check how students in a beginner group are progressing. Or you can make out-of-cycle judgments for:

  • Students who have come from another school, to assess their progress and achievement;
  • Students involved in special programmes such as Accelerated Learning in Mathematics or Literacy;
  • Target students, to track their progress over time.

Out-of-cycle confirmed judgments are included in students’ reports and can be used to provide feedback to students and parents or whanau.

By using the PaCT to support interim and end-of-year Overall Teacher Judgments (OTJs) you build up reports that provide a clear visual picture of progress.

The PaCT’s fine grained scale details small shifts in achievement, so you can see if your teaching programmes are having an effect on student progress.

The PaCT reports enable students, and their caregivers, to see and understand how they are progressing and what they can do about their progress.