The MUSAC Edge student management system (SMS) is now fully automated with the PaCT. 

This means information will be regularly transferred between the PaCT and MUSAC Edge with no need for manual processing by schools.

What do schools need to do to?

If MUSAC Edge has been selected in the PaCT as your Student Management System provider, you do not have to do anything!

If you haven’t already selected MUSAC Edge as your SMS provider in the PaCT, your PaCT administrator simply has to:

1.       Change your SMS settings in the PaCT (under Manage; Change SMS Settings)

2.       Select Use SMS

3.       Select MUSAC Edge from the drop down list, and

4.       Save the changes.

How often is information transferred?

The automated updates occur every seven days between 10pm and midnight.

Things to note:

If your school does a manual upload (from MUSAC Edge to the PaCT), this will reset the automated schedule to occur seven days from the manual trigger. If you do a manual upload, you may want to consider also doing a manual download (PaCT OTJ data to MUSAC Edge) or be aware that one won’t occur for another seven days.

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