Schools manage the data that they enter into the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) and decide what data they want to send to the Ministry.

PaCT data about the progress and achievement of individual students is held by the school those students attend.

If a student moves to another school that uses the PaCT, the data on that student’s progress and achievement is available to the new school as soon as the student is enrolled and logged into the new school’s PaCT.   PaCT reports created by teachers and school leaders are held by the school that created them.

Each school decides if it wants to download Overall Teacher Judgments (OTJs) from the PaCT to its School Management System (SMS) and use them to report end-of-year OTJs to the Ministry.

Exchange of data between the PaCT and SMS systems is under the control of the school’s administrator.

If a school uses PaCT data to report end-of year OTJs to the Ministry it will provide school level data, as it does now in the Analysis of Variance in a school Charter That data will be held on a secure server, as is other similar data collected by the Ministry.

Ministry IT support and maintenance staff will have access to the PaCT dataset to support users of the system, to investigate reported issues and maintain the system (e.g., back-up databases and installing application updates). This is very similar to the ongoing support for e-asTTle

The Ministry may use the PaCT data for research purposes, as it may use e-asTTle data. In such cases no individual student, teacher or school will be identified.

The Ministry is a steward of schools’ and school students’ data on behalf of the New Zealand public.

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