This means information will be regularly transferred between the PaCT and Assembly with no need for manual processing by schools.

What do schools need to do to?

If your school SMS provider is Assembly, your PaCT administrator will need to change the following settings in PaCT and Assembly:

In PaCT:

  1. Change your SMS settings (under Manage; Change SMS Settings)
  2. Check that Assembly is set as the SMS provider, if not
    • Select Use SMS
    • Select Assembly from the drop-down list,
    • Select Get Secret and copy the string
  3. PaCT can export judgment data into your SMS automatically - select to use this function in PaCT or not 
  4. Save the changes.

In Assembly:

  1.  Under PaCT tab, select PaCT configuration
  2. Paste the secret code copied from the PaCT into the <0Auth Token:> field
  3. Select the roles and any non-home groups you want included in the upload from Assembly to the PaCT
  4. Click the <tick> button to save the changes




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