Step 3 – obtain Education Sector logons

To ensure school and student information is secure all PaCT users need an Education Sector logon. This is the sequence to follow:

  • Every staff member who will use the PaCT needs an Education Sector Logon with access rights to
    the PaCT. Even if staff have Education Sector Logons for e-asTTle, you need to apply for access
    rights to the PaCT;

  • Log on to the Education Sector Logon Provisioning Application (EPA)(external link) to request Education Sector Logons.

  • View the Education Sector Logons training module for more information

  • If your school has not signed up to EPA follow the links for further information (external link)(external link) and an EPA Authoriser form (external link)(external link);

    • NB - First you sign up to EPA; then you use the EPA to request Education Sector Logons for the PaCT
  • The Education Service Desk will send each staff member a confirmation Email when Education Sector Logon requests are processed. Remind your staff to look out for this;

  • The PaCT Administrator will be prompted to call the Education Service Desk (0800 422 599) to get a PaCT invitation. This is required to set up the PaCT.

  • NOTE: Staff cannot logon to the PaCT when they get the Education Service Desk Email. The school’s PaCT Administrator must complete the set up process; then invite other staff members to the PaCT.

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