PaCT for Principals & Leaders

How can I use the PaCT in my school?

  • To track the progress of students in your school throughout the year and year on year
  • To notice and respond to patterns and trends
  • To clarify the reading, writing and mathematics competencies students need to be successful in an information-rich society
  • To inform decisions on teaching, learning, and professional development
  • To create reports that will help your Board with governance decisions
  • To support your staff in their Overall Teacher Judgments (OTJs) of student progress and achievement
  • To obtain an accurate picture of student achievement in your school in relation to National Standards

For an overview of reports explore the Reports for School Leaders module.

What are the steps to using PaCT in my school?

It’s a four step process:

Go to the Get Started section to start the process to get the PaCT in your school.